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Ambient Multi Port Controlling for semiconductor market | by Pfeiffer Vacuum

With real-time compound measurements down to ppt levels, AMPC is the ideal solution for clean room and equipment front end modules monitoring (EFEM).
Airborne molecular contamination (AMC) in semiconductor manufacturing plants is known as the major factor of yield loss. To control and understand where contamination comes from, Pfeiffer Vacuum now introduces AMPC range, a unique solution to the semiconductor market.
Learn more:

HeptaDry - the dry screw pump - 3D | by Pfeiffer Vacuum

This video shows you the functional principle and the advantages of HeptaDry screw pump!
With optimized internal compression, internal closed cooling circuit and stainless steel heat exchanger these pumps are ideal for your low and medium vacuum applications. It can not only be used for industrial applications, but also for coating. HeptaDry is the ideal solution for all areas requiring oil-free vacuum. Pumping speeds in this series range from 100 to 2,500 m^3/h.

Learn more about the HeptaDry range:

How to generate UHV: Episode 4/4 – Ultra-High Vacuum | by Pfeiffer Vacuum

Do you want to know how to generate ultra-high vacuum (UHV)? Our market manager Dr. Viola Schäfer will explain the basics of vacuum technology to you. In our final episode we will achieve our target pressure in the UHV range. But first Viola will explain you the design and operating principle of a modern turbopump and show you the different sizes of pumps from Pfeiffer Vacuum. Before achieving the final UHV pressure she will retrace the gas flow from the chamber to the exhaust.

Operating Principle Turbopump Full Video:

Learn more about Pfeiffer Vacuum's know-how of research and development applications:

0:00 - Intro
0:24 - Design of a Modern Turbopump
1:00 - Operating Principle Turbopump
1:31 - Pumping Speed
1:58 - Gas Flow




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